3 Tips for Staying Secure While Working From Home

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Which is a great time to review the way you connect to company resources and protect everyone's data and computer systems. The first week's theme is "We all telecommute, how do we do it safely?", so how can you secure your data even while working from home? We explore this question below.

Keep the following in mind while conducting business anywhere outside the office

  • Cyber attacks are mostly random, hackers and bots are seeking systems that are not secure as they are easy targets.
  • Keep business related data on business devices, and home related data on home devices
  • Be hyper aware when connecting to public WIFI

For most small businesses that don't store personal or financial data you can assume most attackers will be passive attackers. This means that they are just scanning for easy targets with known vulnerabilities to exploit. However if you are the subject of a focused attacker, the most overlooked exposed surface is employees working from home.

If their device is compromised, your network now is

If an employee is using a personal device to connect to your network, you have no way of knowing if their device is secure. The best solution is to require employees to use company owned devices that you are able to secure properly beforehand.

Make sure no one is listening in

Man in the Middle attacks can get the best of anyone, so the best way to secure against them while allowing your employees freedom to work from whatever network is to secure the connection via a VPN connection with valid certificates. This will allow your device to connect to your network in a secure fashion.

Beware imposters

Working from home opens up a new avenue for social engineering. Teach your employees to recognize social engineering attacks.

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