Small and medium businesses are increasingly being targeted by hackers for valuable information. Many of these types of businesses don't have the budget or expertise to hire an IT department, yet do business with larger more valuable companies. There are four basic steps that every business should take to secure their valuable data.

Train your employees

Most attacks originate via email which is why it’s important to train your staff to use caution. Most phishing attempts will impersonate a large vendor that you may use and try to get you to click on a link. Targeted attacks may use a combination of phishing and social engineering to gain access to sensitive data.

Take Stock of your Network

Every device on your network is a potential access point for anyone outside, so it's important to take inventory of each attached device and identify violations of best practices. Check that passwords are being changed, old user accounts aren't still extant, and the software is up to date.

Keep an eye on your firewall

A good firewall will provide rudimentary intrusion detection. Our monitoring service will make sure that your firewall is in good health and alert you the moment it detects an intrusion into your network. When an intrusion occurs every minute counts and you need to respond quickly.

Check the Dark Web

Password reuse is a huge security problem. This is because one way that hackers make money is from selling credentials stolen from company databases. Eventually being used by other hackers to try and compromise more systems. A scan of the dark web will reveal if your information is being used by hackers. If this test turns up positive it is imperative that you change your credentials.

This may all sound like a lot right now, but the fact of the matter is you can’t afford to not follow through. Luckily, We package all these services together into our Small Business Security Starter Kit. Ask about our special introductory rate during the month of November!

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