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24/7 Help Desk to Support your Business

The StrategIT IT Support Help Desk is here when you need us, including weekends, overnights, and holidays to ensure your technology support requirements are our #1 priority.   Your end users will have immediate access to technical support staff that can provide assistance right away.

Desktop and Server Support Packages Include:

  • Patch Management - ensures your workstation software is up to date with the latest security and corrective software updates available from the manufacturer.
  • Hardware Monitoring - our agent software that runs on your desktops and servers checks in with our centralized console multiple times per day to report potential problems with hardware such as a failed fan, power supply voltage drop, or hard disk drive errors.
  • Routine Maintenance - while your computers aren't being used, our agent software runs routine maintenance procedures on your computers such as disk defragmentation, virus scans, memory optimization and more.
  • Security - we include state of the art Antivirus software with all of our Desktop and Server Support packages to ensure your assets are kept secure of today's digital threats and keep your data safe.
  • Unlimited Remote Support - our highly experienced technicians are there to assist you 24 hours per day.  With our sophisticated software we can remote control your desktop computer from our Network Operations Center in a matter of seconds, many times resolving your issue in minutes rather than waiting on an expensive onsite IT Tech to show up and bill you by the hour.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery - what would happen to your business if your server was destroyed in a fire, flood or other natural disaster?  Unplanned events do occur, and we can make sure you are prepared with offsite backups, business continuity plans, and a variety of data backup options for workstation data.
  • Server Monitoring & Maintenance - our state of the art Network Operations Center is that eye in the sky keeping tabs on your assets 24 hours a day.  Overnight periods are often used to perform scheduled maintenance, preventing you from having unscheduled reboots during the peak times when your system must stay online.

There are many benefits to outsourcing or augmenting your current IT Support Help Desk with services from StrategIT.  Complete the form below and we'll have a member of our Consultation Team reach out to you and schedule a free onsite Network Assessment ($1000 value).