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Hotel PBX

Low Cost, Easy Management

Our PBX Software for Hoteliers is superior when compared to traditional PBX. More features, much lower costs, and zero maintenance make this the smart solution for Hotels.

Check In Operations
  • Set Extension Name to Guest Name
  • Enables Outbound Calling
  • Deletes all Voicemail Messages
  • Clears Do Not Disturb Status
  • Factory Resets Phone
  • Clears Previous Guest Preferences
Check Out Operations
  • Sets Name to Blank
  • Disables Outbound Calling
  • Deletes Voicemail and Recordings
  • Clears the Do Not Disturb Status
  • Updates Phone Settings
  • Syncs Billing Data to PMS
Wake Up Calls
The system allows for full wake up call functionality
  • Set by Guest from Phone without Front Desk
  • Plays a predefined message (Custom)
  • Can be set through the PMS
Call Billing Interface
  • Logs calls placed during Guest Visit
  • Predefined Rates (Set by Hotel)
  • Reports are Available
  • Direct PMS Integration
  • Compatible All Major PMS Systems
Set Room Status

Housekeeping can set the status of the room via a dial code on the telephone.  Supports up to 9 status codes for integration with the PMS system for various room status changes from various departments. (All standard Micros/Fidelio Codes Included)

PMS Integration

Our Hotel PMS Integration can integrate with the industry standard Mitel SX2000 Hotel API to communicate with your Hotel Software via the Fidelio Protocol.

40 Rooms or Fewer

  • All Features Above
  • Includes 10 Phone Lines (Unlimited Calling)
  • Toll-Free Number and 500 Mins
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Up to 100 Rooms

  • All Features Above
  • Includes 25 Phone Lines (Unlimited Calling)
  • Includes Toll-Free Number and 2000 Mins
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100 Rooms or More

  • All Features Above
  • 50 Phone Lines (Unlimited Calling)
  • Includes Toll-Free Number and 3000 Mins
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Cloud Based Telephones for Hotels

Why should a Hotelier choose a Hosted PBX Solution over a traditional approach?

Typical Telephone Systems for Hotels start at $20,000 and increase from there.  There is NO UPFRONT Cost with us.

Our monthly subscriptions including the Telephone System and Services (Dial Tone) cost less than your current Telephone Service alone.  Over the lifetime of the system, you will save TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars, if not more.

Beware!  Most Vendors want to sell you extremely expensive “PBX” equipment that is already obsolete, and then charge you to maintain it for the next 10 years.  That equipment connects to legacy analog telephone services that are also expensive and difficult to program, operate, and configure (thus you’ll have to pay another super high-priced technician to work on).

In addition to all of that, they will produce a telephone bill at the end of the month that is impossible for you to decipher with all of the acronyms and service descriptions.

Todays Hotel operators need solutions that are flexible and can accomodate the changing technology landscape.  Connect+ for Hotels from StrategIT provides that solution and is superior in every area to legacy PBX systems.